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Service concept

Provides the best solution for liquid cargo storage and transportation

Service purposes

Customer first, service first

Ruiyuan Datong (Qingdao)Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Qingdao Port, the largest port in northern China, is currently the only professional tank container company in North China. Business scope: maintenance, leasing, renovation, installment sales, second-hand tank container trading, special tanks Box modification.

         The registered capital of the company is 20 million, and the actual investment is 100 million. Currently, there are 800 sets of 21-36 cubic tanks. There are domestic offices in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and abroad with offices in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

         Service concept, providing the best solution for liquid cargo storage and transportation

         Provide the best price in the industry, provide the most convenient trading mode in the industry, and provide the best quality of service in the industry